Pattaya officials meet again to discuss Koh Larn's trash issues

A brainstorming meeting was held on December 13, led by Chonburi Deputy Governor, Chaichan Lamcharoen to discuss the issue of mounting rubbish on Koh Larn.

Officials have spent much of 2017 discussing the issue but little action has been taken thus far and rubbish is beginning to pile up.

The latest discussion resulted in officials agreeing that a short-term solution is now required before a more long-term solution can be agreed upon.

Pattaya officials meet again to discuss Koh Larn's trash issues

The new round of talks was prompted by former governor, now advisor Pracha Taerat predicting that the small island will run out of space for rubbish by the early part of 2018.

Pattaya City Council Chairman, Anan Ankanawisan spoke at the meeting detailing to the members present that there is an estimated 30 tonnes of rubbish on the island and the barges traveling to and from the island are not of a standard capable of transporting the waste to the mainland for disposal.

That number is only growing as between 10,000 to 12,500 tourists visit the island daily.
Two possible solutions were suggested to combat the now urgent problem, one being to purchase more barges that are capable of transporting the waste to the mainland, the second suggestion was to burn the rubbish on the island.

The second option raises environmental concerns as the island does not have a proper rubbish incinerator.

Officials at the meeting were unable to reach a consensus on how to solve the problem in the short term so a further meeting has been scheduled before the end of 2017 to once again address the issue.

Source: Pattaya mail

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