Pattaya Officials Order Soi Dogs To Be Removed From Jomtien Beach

Following a string of complaints officials here in Pattaya have ordered stray dog catchers to pull their fingers out and round up the large number of stray dogs which are now calling Jomtien Beach their home.

A delegation of officials led by Deputy Mayor Manote Nongyai toured the beach back on February 26, who confirmed locals reports that the large number of stray canines were indeed causing a nuisance as well as damaging the cities imagine in the eyes of tourists.

Reports stated that the dogs were behaving in an aggressive manor, chasing people and defecating on footpaths as well as the beach.

The deputy mayor ordered dog catchers to round up the strays have them vaccinated and sterilized and placed in a local dog shelter.

Have you noticed either an increase or decrease in the number of Soi dogs along Jomtien beach, what are your thoughts on the matter let us know in the comments section.


  1. Strays dogs are a very big problem in Jomtien. They are very noisy especially in the night time and disturbs our sleeping. The strays dogs are aggressive and one some soi I don’t walking especially in the night time because of the dogs. One time on the beach one dog suddenly bite me and destroy my shorts. I have seen many times that tourist is afraid of the dogs and I think if the authority in Pattaya want to take good care tourist you have to get rid of the strays dogs.

  2. I live in Watboo on Kanjarm (Moo 12) and the dogs have been growing up every year. It’s scary to go through the streets and go to the condo (Paradise Park) as they crush and show their teeth. I wake up in the midst of dreams every night many times in the noise they cause. In previous years, there has been only one herd, now there are three in this street season. Paradise Park has its own, Park Lane has its own, and even Amazon seems to have its own. This is worrying … there are already about 100 dogs within a few tens of meters … shouldn’t you do something about it … ??

  3. Many stray dogs in pattaya causing accidents and attacks on people it not safe in some parts it would never happen anywhere else only in Thailand

  4. Stray dogs are a problem everywhere, they should be caught and put down humanely, tourist with crying children in buggies, dogs attack, maimed child or worse,,,, big problem not just on the beach but on every street. It really needs drastic action. It will probably end up driving tourists away.

  5. I attempted to walk along a street towards my condo at 22.00 at night, the dogs swarm together and chase you across the street. I was lucky to get back home. As a tourist I would warm people to be very careful at night time. I have no hesitation to recommend strong action to be taken to reducing this danger to the public! The stray dogs should be culled, they have no place in a community.


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