It was reported by Sophon Cable TV that a meeting was called at City Hall and that following the meeting authorities announced that they have every intention to inforce the upcoming smoking ban here in Pattaya.

Officials have even gone as far as establishing a committee to organise activities ahead of the ban.

There have been several reports in the media of harsh fines for those who violate the upcoming ban with the amount of 100,000 stated several times along with jail time, however there was no mention of jail time following the meeting.

Officials seems to be taking the opportunity to break out some new signs which sport the slogan “zero waste beach”, no surprise after several recent complaints about rubbish on the beaches. Initially the smoking ban will come into effect along a 1 kilometre stretch of sand on Jomtien Beach also referred to as Dongtan Beach before being enforced on Pattaya Beach later on.

The head of the beach smoking committee Wuthiphon Jaroenphon said that Pattaya would be taking serious action against those who light up on the sands after February 1, 2018.
Officials will be rolling out signs with the slogans “Smoke-free and Zero Waste Beach” in Thai, English and Chinese.

Prior to the ban coming into effect all 44 of the beach chair vendors on Dongtan Beach will be given training and information about the ban.

Source: Sophon Cable

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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