Authorities here in Pattaya took to the beaches and harbour in an effort to step up inspections of vessels and water sports operators before the New Year’s celebrations to make sure safety measures were up to scratch.

The operation began on December 25 led by the deputy director-general of the Thailand Marine Department accompanied by tourist police and members of the Pattaya Marine department as part of the holiday safety campaign.

The campaigns aim is to protect everyone while out on the water at all times, this includes activities such as Jet Skiing and Parasailing as well as the use of speedboats and the ferry.

Pattaya officials step up marine safety efforts before New Year's

Additional security measures were implemented during the festive period which included extra efforts to control the traffic out at sea as well as inspections of crafts and vessels and making sure adequate amounts of lifejackets were present and being used.

Sea rescue officers were also made available 24 hours a day during the festive period.

Source : Pattaya Mail

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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