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Foreign gangs are using Pattaya as a haven for online criminal activity according to the Chonburi Transnational Crime Coordination Centre.

Pol Lt-Col Chiddecha Songhong, an officer attached to the centre, said Pattaya has become a haven for transnational criminals for illegal online activities.

They claim people arrive as tourists or students before searching for a suitable premise to set up their illegal business ventures. They prefer commercial facilities in business parks, over large houses to avoid detection by neighbours.

Recently thirteen Chinese nationals were captured during a raid on an online gambling setup in Pattaya. They had rented a four storey building as their office.

They were caught as surveillance revealed they arrived and departed the building at the same time every day, which was not in line with tourist activities. Further investigations revealed the true nature of what was going on in the building.

The authorities are monitoring any commercial locations that have installed high speed internet along with a quantity of computers, which could suggest there is some form of online business occurring.

It is unclear if the authorities have other suspects in Pattaya or if the Chinese venture is a one off.

Time will tell.

Source : AsiaJack

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