The Chief of police in Pattaya announced that officers had arrested a 41-year-old African man that had been conning Thai women out of money by pretending to be a high ranking US General.

Michael Joseph originally from Mozambique was initially arrested for overstaying his visa which ran out in October 2013, officers took him into custody at an apartment in Bang Lamung before investigating how he had been making a living whilst in Thailand.

It was during the course of their investigation they learned that Joseph hand been impersonating at United States General in the US Marine Corps, General Joseph Dunford, of the 19th chairman of joint chiefs staff to be exact.

Claiming to be the rich general the fraudster conned Thai women online looking for love.
Once he had convinced them he was the US General he would tell them he was sending them diamonds or large sums of cash but they needed to send a payment of 50,000 baht to make sure the items reached them safely.

Police said multiple Thai women had fallen for the scam and urged any who had to contact Pattaya police.

Source: Thai visa

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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