Nice police

Pattaya Police have given away “freebies” to the city’s tourist at Bali Hai Pier on Saturday, in the form of confectionery and plastic holders to keep possessions dry during Songkran.

Pattaya attracts many tourists during the Thai New Year celebrations and the move from the local authorities is seen as a gesture of goodwill and to inaugurate a sense of happiness and safety in the city.

The large police presence at the pier brought about keen interest from locals and tourist as they wondered what was going on. However there was no need for trepidation as the cops began to give away free gifts to the unsuspecting visitors.

This is the sort of publicity that Pattaya and Thailand requires. There is a vast array of attractions in the area to attract tourists, with a diverse selection of activities for visitors to get involved in.

Let’s hope we see more favourable actions from the authorities in the future. We want to observe tourists flock to the Kingdom and explore what it has to offer.


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