The head of Pattaya police has stated that a currently unidentified foreign man is riding around Pattaya pretending to be a police officer to steal money and valuables from tourists and locals.

His main prey is tourists on motorbikes who he orders to stop before rifling through their belongings for valuables.

The man who has an accomplice has targeted several people in the Jomtien area which has resulted in multiple victims filing reports with the Pattaya police.

Pattaya police hunting foreign man pretending to be a cop
Pattaya police hunting foreign man pretending to be a cop

Chief Apichai Krobpetch spoke out on Monday to confirm that his officers are currently investigating the matter and have issued an arrest warrant for the individual which will prevent him from leaving the kingdom.

Chief Apichai said that “we will have in a couple of days” officers are currently tracking the man’s whereabouts using CCTV.

The Chief warned the public to be vigilant stating that unscrupulous criminal elements might try and prey on tourists over the holiday period.

Reports state that the conman pretending to be an officer is using a white Yamaha Aerox which has no license plate.

Chinese people seem to be the suspect’s main target who victims say speaks English very well.

Source: Siamchon News

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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