Tuesday, May 1, 2018 was announced as the D-Day, which meant the return of all business operators back to the Bali Hai Port. 

As reported by the Pattaya News, while most of the boats and buses had resumed business in the South Pattaya port as per the orders of the authority, some did not.

Anchoring boats off the Hard Rock café on Beach Road some bus companies and boat operators continued with their business- picking up and dropping off visiting tourist using the beachfront.


Warning signals have been going around for the violation of the orders, fines and strict punishments will be levied from the after a grace period of five days.

Pattaya News stated that at Bali Hai, at around 8 in the morning the traffic was bad but had somewhat cleared out by 8:30am. About 50 soldiers and police were posted assist smooth operation of the D-Day.

The government had issued an order giving temporary license to the tour buses and boats to use the beachfront to pick up and drop off tourist while the Pier restoration work went on.

All the business operators are excepted to return to their allotted area after this has finished.

Source : Pattaya News

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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