Complaint center meets with Pattaya communities

Chosen residents from Pattaya have met with executives from the complaint center to get across there worrying concerns in there communities.

Thailand has been rated 2nd in the world for the most road accidents, thats why police have been given the task to reduce the amount of people drink driving, not wearing helmets, unlicensed drivers, speeding and child drivers, the list could go on and on.

The amount of potholes and never ending roadwork’s have been the main subjects of discussion, and the executive of the center has offered information on how they plan to resolve some of these issues.

Road works are the biggest concern as dates of completing the work are never met leaving increase rise in traffic, not to mention the potential fatal crashes this can cause. Police have been told to enforce road safety traffic regulations in order to help with reducing accidents.

Action is said to be taken as soon as possible aswell as fixing street lights, unlevel pavements and sewage issues.


Originally reported by Pattayamail


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