Sophon Cable TV highlighted yet another positive story coming out of Pattaya.

A security guard working for a hotel on Beach Road found an expensive iPhone 6 worth roughly 20,000 baht and made it his mission to track down the phones rightful owner.

Suwat Dechothamsathit said he found the phone as he was finishing his shift and after checking the phone recognised the man on the home screen as a man he had earlier seen passing the A-One Hotel in a wheelchair.

Pattaya security guard returns lost iPhone 6 to wheelchair bound tourist

Suwat recalled the man drinking at a nearby bar and after making a few enquires Suwat managed to contact the owner Antonius Mourits, 57, and a meeting was arranged at Pattaya police station to hand back the phone.

It was smiles all round at the meeting where Mr Mourits thanked the honest security guard for returning his phone and Sophon called Suwat a security man with a beautiful heart.

The story comes hot on the heels of a story last week where a baht bus driver from Pattaya also returned 20,000 baht’s worth of money to a group of India tourists, proving good honest people are still around.

Source: Sophon Cable


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