Pattaya sets deadline to like Indians

A recent story about a Pattaya street food vendor refusing to sell corn to a hungry Indian was published in the Bangalore Mirror. The rather well written descriptive tale tells of how Rishi, a Kannada movie actor from India is looking for something to eat and this is how the story go’s.

Whilst walking from the beach to his hotel. He comes across a street vendor selling corn, the aroma was quite appetizing. Then to Rishi’s saddened heart he sees a sign hanging on the stall that says ‘No sale for India.’

Rishi told the vendor he was Indian, but very hungry. The seller just gave him a nasty look and asked him to move away, and that he didn’t sell to Indians because they have fat wallets, but are very tight. He went on to reveal that his experience of Indians was that they barter and then never buy!

Rishi assured him he would buy as he was hungry. This seemed to get him nowhere, so he turned to leave and began to walk away. As he dragged his heavy luggage on route to find his hotel, he heard someone calling him. He turned to see the vendor who then asked him where he was staying. He felt sorry for Rishi as it was a long way away, so on this occasion decided to sell Rishi the corn.

Rishi commented that the corn was worth the argument and debate as it was very tasty. He then told the vendor that not all Indians were bad, and he shouldn’t treat everyone with the same yardstick. He went on to ask the vendor to remove the sign. He replied he would wait two months so he could judge the behaviour of Indian customers.

Rishi concluded that if any Indian comes across the vendor on Pattaya Beach Road to remind him of his promise!

This is an interesting tale, but not a unique one. It seems that many businesses do not like to deal with Indian customers in Pattaya. Often people’s prejudices are based on personal experience, but also from what their friends tell them.

Rishi is not a typical cheap Charlie Indian visitor to Pattaya, and if he saw and personally witnessed why the vendor had made the sign then he would be enlightened too!

However, all this aside, Rishi has a point. We really shouldn’t judge a whole race of people, or anyone for that matter, other than on an individual basis. Generalisations and stereotyping people can often result in a correct diagnosis of the character, but not always!

Keep an open mind, if you can! If anyone sees this guy, tell him you’re Indian and see how you get on!


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