I think it is fair to say that most expats and tourist find the spaghetti cabling above Pattaya’s streets at the very least – baffling or in some cases amusing. Most of us have never seen such disorganisation of cables before. But it is all about to change!

Yes Pattaya’s disarray above street level will soon be no more.

City workers along with local telephone, power and cable suppliers have began the process of unravelling the chaotic cabling, which is a major blot on the city.


Spaghetti Mess Is Pasta Joke As Clean Up Begins
From North Road to Jomtien Beach, Pattaya city workers and local utility companies slowly are untangling the area’s unsightly jumbles of power and cable-television wires.

It has been described as a “beautification process” and in some ways it is. However the clean up will not only enhance the image of the city, it will also make it safer, reducing the fire hazard that currently exists.

Work began on the 8th of March along North Road and will encompass Central Road in the next few days before tackling Jomtien and Thepprasit Road areas.

Other districts of the city are under inspection at present before they draw up plans on how to approach the problem.

So if you suddenly lose your internet or electricity supply, this could well be the reason why.

You may also find road closures or disruptions as the workforce move into action.

Pattaya may never be the same again. Or will it?

Workers will move to Central Road on March 22.

In Jomtien Beach, the Provincial Electricity Authority’s local office had been untying knotted wires from Thepprasit Road to Chaiyapruek Road, a length of about three kilometers.

Additional work on Chaiyapruek to the Baan Amphur intersection will commence March 16 after an inspection is made of the wiring there to determine which ones are live. On March 30, workers will tackle Jomtien Beach Road up to the Dongtan curve.

Engineers noted that work proceeds slowly because roads have to be closed and power cut to neighborhoods during the removal process. So it must be done in phases.

The PEA also must consult with local cable-TV companies to determine which lines remain in use.


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