Many people across Pattaya were caught out by a sudden unexpected and unseasonal downpour on Friday night which left many roads across the city badly flooded.

The heavy rainfall lasted for about an hour but brought many roads to a standstill as the city’s drains struggled to cope with the sudden influx of water, Pattaya second road was reportedly very badly affected.

Reports on social media also claimed that water was as deep as 50cm in parts of the city.

Pattaya suffers more flooding after "unseasonal" heavy downpour

Manager reported following the downpour that residence in Pattaya were fed up with the flooding issue and are calling on local authorities to do something about it once and for all.

Pattaya suffers more flooding after "unseasonal" heavy downpour

The renewed cry to improve drainage measures comes after Pattaya was left embarrassed after naval personnel were made to march through shin deep flood waters during the International Fleet Review last month.

Source: Manager

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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