Pattaya Tree Trunk Is A Hit With Locals Seeking Lottery Numbers.

The people of Thailand are known to be superstitious and when something lucky occurs, people flock to the area in search of the winning lottery numbers.

On this occasion, locals from Pattaya have been seen visiting a “magic log” at Wat Hua Yai.

Locals have heard rumours that several lottery winners obtained the winning numbers from a log, which is a fallen Ta-khian tree, measuring some six metres in length.

The tree is believed to host a spirit known as “Nang Ta-khian” and if your luck is in, she may provide you with those magical digits and lead you great wealth.

As a mark of respect to the spirit, many people have placed traditional Thai costumes in the vicinity of the log, which can be found in the Temple’s car park.

Pattaya Tree Trunk Is A Hit With Locals Seeking Lottery Numbers.

The story goes that a man named Nai Don, had a dream about the spirit. The ghostly figure directed him to the log, which he found buried several metres underground.

As the female spirit begged him to release her, he arranged for the tree trunk to be transported to the temple. That was five years or so ago and has since become a huge hit attracting a steady stream of visitors.

Whether it can reveal lucky numbers remains to be seen but it is certainly proving to be a popular place to visit for the people of Pattaya.

Source : Thaivisa

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