Pattaya Tunnel Complete! Sadly You Can't Use It

The new Pattaya tunnel is complete. Hooray!

But you cannot use it!

Yes, it’s true – the tunnel work has finally come to fruition but cars will not be allowed to enter the underpass until at least August.

It is claimed the delays are due to not having staff in place to open the tunnel. As it was at one time scheduled to open on Songkran, you have to ask, what became of the staff they had then?

The tunnel is said to have “special” ventilation and lighting. It is fitted with anti-accident systems, which require skilled people to manage it. Once in place, the tunnel will open.

But why have the staff not been located and trained during the delays?

Many locals are baffled by the situation and vented their frustration on social media.

One uttered “I am fed up waiting, just open the tunnel.”

Another was clearly angered by the announcement asking “What the hell do they mean finished on schedule?”

And one person joked “Just open it next year.”

Effectively, Pattaya has a large shaft that drivers can view as they drive by.


Should we bet on it opening in August?




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