Pattaya Tunnel Opening In May?

Could the long awaited Pattaya Tunnel finally open for public use?

According to some, the tunnel is ready to bring relief to many of Pattaya’s motorists, following a number of delays.

Sources say the tunnel will open soon, although it may not be officially opened for months to come.

Rumours are rife that the underground road system will accept its first public vehicles on 22nd of May but as nothing has been announced officially, we maybe should step back and wait.

It was rumoured that it would open for Songkran but that failed to materialise.

However it is believed that work is now complete, with only traffic signs, paint work, landscaping on the approach and minor lighting adjustments standing in the way of the grand opening.

In another twist, there is alleged issues over payments for the pedestrian bridge. The bridge was proposed back in 2013 but a lawsuit brought by a local pawn broker scuppered the work and by the time the courts decided to throw the lawsuit out, the cash for the bridge had been spent on other projects.

New plans were drawn up but the problem still exists. Where will the funding for the bridge come from?

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