Pattaya police station was the venue for an emergency meeting held over the Uber vs Taxi war that has been escalating in Pattaya over the recent months.

Earlier this week a fight broke out between a taxi driver and an Uber driver which was recorded and gained widespread media attention prompting officials in the city to act, and it’s not good news for Uber.

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The meeting was attended by land transport officials, city hall and taxi representatives, soldiers and police and chaired by Manot Charnwatanasin who oversees transport matters in Chonburi.

Manot didn’t hold back at the meeting being very clear what needed to now happen.

War of the cars in Pattaya, Ubers out, taxis ordered to use meters!

He said from now on the following rules would be put in place.

  • Uber drivers would be fined a total of 2,000 baht every time they picked up a fare and they would have their license suspended for three months no exceptions or leniency would be given, they are not welcome to operate in Pattaya.
  • Taxi drivers are to leave Uber drivers alone no more fighting if they disobey this they will face the harshest penalties allowed under law no exceptions or leniency, if they suspect someone is an Uber driver report them to the proper authorities.
  • Taxi drivers from now on will use their meters if they do not do so they will face harsh fines no exceptions no leniency.
  • A review over the price that taxi meters charge will be held over complaints that drivers may face hardship for using their meters.

Time will only tell if the new edict will be enforced, what are your views on the matter?

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  1. If taxi drivers start using meters, then this problem will never come. In Pattaya taxi drivers try to loot customers. That is why people find Uber is cheap.


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