It seems beach vendors in Pattaya are not too happy with their new equipment that was distributed to 40 vendors at the weekend.

Multiple vendors have voiced complaints about the new chairs handed out by local authorities in Pattaya in an effort to make the beach more presentable for the upcoming International Fleet Show saying they are “uncomfortable and prone to tipping over.”

While many of the vendors have welcomed the new “earth toned” umbrellas agreeing they do look more presentable than the collection of multi coloured ones present before many have said that the chairs are not fit for beach use, when the equipment was handed out for free vendors were then required to purchase cushions for the chairs for 9,800 baht.

One beach chair operator Wanchai Lertnirandorn, 57, said that the new chairs were meant to be used on solid surfaces not sand and more than one of his customers had toppled off the new chairs since their introduction.

He also noted that the green cushions he was made to buy absorbed the heat making them uncomfortable for his clients.

Another beach chair operator Pattrajit Chiewkij, 48, said that her clients have given her mixed reviews on the new equipment some saying they preferred things they were before.

Source: Pattaya one

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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