Sin City Still Going Strong

UK press dubbed our beloved Pattaya as “Sin City” in an attempt to destroy its reputation. But have they achieved their goal and is it as bad as they insinuated?

The answer is no on all points.

Firstly, the city has much more to offer than the tabloids suggested when they wrote the headlines “Sin City” or “Sex Capital of the World”.

Numerous attractions are available such as the amazing “Temple of Truth” and ” Wat Phra Khao Yai”.

There are fantastic water and theme parks, spectacular tropical gardens, cabaret shows, a floating market, stunning viewpoints, coral islands, museums and Mini Siam.

You can go on jungle safaris riding elephants, ride off road motorbikes and cars, bungee jump, drive go-karts, sit with tigers, relax on fantastic beaches where there is an abundance of things to entertain you.

Yet the UK tabloid sold newspapers by trying to use the “Sin City” tag.

Yes there are Go-Go bars, massage shops, thousands of sexy girls and much more in Pattaya but most major cities in the world have red light areas and many actually promote the fact that they do, such as Amsterdam.

Many Asian nation’s are comparable with what Pattaya has to offer but Pattaya is unique.

Walking Street attracts Chinese tourists galore yet they never enter a bar or bar fine a girl. They simply enjoy the experience of strolling down the famous road, with its neon lights and sexy girls welcoming people into their bars.

The Thai government is doing so much to encourage tourism in the area. Building new quays at Sattahip, extending airports to meet future demand, commencing new projects like high speed rail links, all of which will all go a long way to promoting not only Pattaya but Thailand in General.

Thailand is a beautiful country. The land of smiles welcomes tourist and as pointed out above, if sitting in bars chatting to sexy girls is not your thing, then there is an abundance of alternative activities to keep you and the family entertained.

You will never be bored in Pattaya.


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