Pattaya’s Provincial Electricity Authority blames shoddy work ethics of Cable TV and Internet company technicians for Pattaya’s messy wires.

The PEA said the problem is whenever the technicians add new cables, they never take away old, disused cables. Plus their work is so shoddy they make it virtually impossible to remove the old cables because they are so tangled. One of the worst areas is along Sukhumvit Road and many Soi’s around South Pattaya.

If you take a walk along South Pattaya Road and then take a right onto Soi Bongkot, you will see a prime example of third rate wiring standards. The lamppost to the right of the Soi a few hundred metres from South Pattaya Road got so overladen with the weight of the cables it fell into the road. This could have been a very serious situation if someone had been riding by on a scooter as it fell, or worse still if it had have been raining!

PEA technical officer Panya Boonsamer explained that when Technicians fit new cables for TV or Internet they are supposed to remove the old ones and dead cables too. In reality, however, very few technicians bother to remove old disused cables. To do so now in many locations is virtually impossible without damaging live cables.

It seems that the only solution other than to fine the third party companies for their poor work standards is to wait until all the power lines collapse! This is not a good, but nobody really cares or is currently being held responsible. Until someone in authority manes a stand about this, nothing will happen.

Let’s hope something does happen sooner rather than later before someone gets seriously hurt or electrocuted, again….


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