Pattaya’s Wide New Beaches Have Been Washed Out To Sea

The Pattaya Harbor Department admits that their plans to extend Pattaya’s eroded beaches didn’t go to plan. In fact around 400 million baht was just washed out to sea.

Now the sand has been flushed away in this week’s storms and Pattaya’s landmark project is in tatters.

Following Monday’s unseasonal torrential rain storm a huge chunk of the new sand has, well, vanished. Only last week the Pattaya PR and tourist machine was trumpeting the success of the project and the beautiful new wide beaches.

The Pattaya News says that up to 200 metres of the beach in more than ten locations had been washed away with the storm run-off.

Experts believe it will take a week with backhoes and heavy equipment needed to dredge the sand back from the sea and bring it back to resurface the new beaches.

Now the Pattaya Harbor Department plans to spend another 105 million baht on improving the drainage so that the sand might actually stay in place.


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