Despite the governments and polices repeated warnings and threats people in Pattaya still seem content to use electronic cigarettes.

Even though police have carried out raids on vendors around the city in a recent effort to try and prevent people from vaping the electronic devices are still widely available at markets and shopping centres being sold from 300 to 2,000 baht with the flavoured liquids “vaping fluid” sold for as little as 100 baht.

Using or just being caught in possession of an E-cig has been illegal since back in 2014, unless you have a receipt to say you brought yours prior to them being outlawed.

The punishments for being caught are no joke either with a maximum jail term of five years attached you would think that alone would put many off vaping as well as a fine of four times the value of the e-cig as well.

For those importing the devises to sell you could find yourself spending the next 10 years in a Thai jail cell as well as a fine of five times the value of all the goods you’re caught with.

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Source  : Pattaya mail

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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