Pattaya police arrest Norwegian tourist over bag snatch swindle

Police in Pattaya were quick to act after a Norwegian tourist arrived at the Pattaya police station claiming that his bag had been snatched while out walking in Pratumnak on Thursday.

The man only identified as “Yohansson”, 29, claimed that two young men on a motorcycle had grabbed his bag which contained items worth 30,000 baht.

It was reported that the victim then asked police for a report of the theft describing the whole incident as “outrageous.”

Pattaya police arrest Norwegian tourist over bag snatch swindle

Pattaya’s chief of police, Apichai Krobpetch wasted no time and dispatched his finest investigative team to the area to check CCTV in an effort to track down the thieves.

It didn’t take officers long however to discover that no such theft had taken place and that the Norwegian man had made the whole thing up.

After questioning the tourist again he soon admitted that he had made the whole thing up and a search of his hotel room found the items he reported stolen, the items were taken away as evidence.

Pattaya police arrest Norwegian tourist over bag snatch swindle

The tourist seen in a full face mask in the pictures to protect his identity told officers he made up the story to make a false claim with his insurance provider, police charged him with filing a false police report.

It was not clear why in pictures he is seen shaking hands with a smiling police officer.

Chief Apichai said reports like this could damage both the city’s and the country’s image and warned anyone against making false claims stating that they would be arrested and charged if they attempted to do so.

Source : Sanook

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