Rip Off baht bus

Chinese tourists who hired a baht bus to take them from Third Road to Central Marina on Second road found themselves in a dispute over the fair with the bus driver on Wednesday evening.

As a result the police were called as the tourists believed they were being ripped off.

When the officers arrived, they found eight Chinese visitors in a heated debate with their driver.

They commenced their journey, which was estimated at three kilometres, without asking for a price up front. Upon arrival at their destination, the driver asked for four hundred baht.

But the tourist, who were not new to Pattaya, were having none of it and offered the drive 20 baht per person, which was duly refused and thus an argument ensued.

The police patiently listened to both parties before suggesting that the fare should be in the region of 250 baht. The tourists happily paid and the driver and baht bus went on their way.

The officers said the 400 baht fare was indeed overpriced and stressed the importance of not taking advantage of tourists in the city.

Well done to the police on taking the tourists side on this one. Let’s see more sensible solutions like this when dealing with similar situations.

Source : pattayaone

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