Police In Pattaya Arrest Chinese Rapist In Sting

Pattaya police arrested a Chinese man following claims from a woman that he raped her.

The woman, who is also from China, informed officers that she was being blackmailed by the man, with video footage of her being sexually assaulted. He asked the woman for 50,000 baht for the movie.

Police In Pattaya Arrest Chinese Rapist In Sting

Police set up a trap, capturing Li Weibin, 26, accepting money from Long Pioxue, a 26-year-old businesswoman.

The woman told police she met the accused on a business trip to Thailand. He raped her and held her prisoner for a while. He then proceeded to use a video of the events to extract money from the victim on numerous occasions before she finally plucked up the courage to inform the police.

Source : Coconuts

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