Pattaya police arrested an Egyptian man who had established a new life for himself here in Pattaya after it was discovered that he had overstayed his visa by 10 years.

Talaat Salah Soliman Ibrahim, 47, was arrested by officers on October 31 at his commercial building on Soi Khao Noi, Ibrahim attempted to flee when officers arrived but was tackled and handcuffed before being carted off to Pattaya police station.

Once at the station Ibrahim was unable to hand over his passport which allegedly his friend kept for him who he was now unable to contact. Officers sought the help of Chonburi Immigration Police who discovered Ibrahim came to Thailand over ten years ago and had never left since.

Looking further into their records immigration officers discovered there was no record of the Egyptian man ever crossing a border checkpoint or having a visa extension.
There was also no record of the man ever having Thai citizenship.

Officers have since charged Ibrahim with overstaying his visa and he is now in the process of being deported and will have a ban from entering Thailand for 10 years issued against his name.

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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