The boys in black were out in force on Walking Street late on Friday night carrying out several raids on bars in the name of tourist safety.

Rumours surfaced online that the raids uncovered multiple counts of law breaking, however according to the official reports this was not the case.

The raiding party led by Pichet Thammahone first went to Marilyn Monroe Agogo where both customers and staff were checked for identification to make sure no one present was under age, no one under age was present.

Police in Pattaya carry out raids on two Walking Street bars

The premises was however discovered to be operating without the correct license.

From there the raiding party moved on to the Music Café where similar checks were again carried out on staff and customers and again no evidence of law breaking was discovered, however again the license for the premises was not in correct order as it had the wrong name on the license.

There was no mention in the report if anyone was charged as a result of the licensing discoveries, however staff details from both establishments were recorded by the officers in the interest of tourist safety.

Source: Tnews

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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