Police raid bars on Soi 6, but it’s not what you think, dartboards banned.

Darts loving expats here in Pattaya are up in arms after a new crackdown by Thai police has seen dartboards removed from bars all over the city and for a moment and end to amateur darts leagues as well.

Police conducted raids on a number of bars across Pattaya including some located in the popular nightlife district Soi 6 on January 31.

The objective of this series of raids was to remove dart boards from all the venues visited.

It was reported the officers went to several establishments on Soi 6 and asked for managers to provide their “dartboard license” which left nearly everyone asked scratching their heads.

When such a license was not provided officers confiscated their dartboards.

When managers asked where they could obtain the needed license from they were informed that the license currently does not exist, yet they needed one if their customers want to play darts.

Staff were informed by officers that their current entertainment license does not allow for darts to be played.

Until venues obtain the non-existent dartboard license the popular pastime has been outlawed across Pattaya, as a result the Pattaya darts league which many expats take part in has been temporarily suspended.

Since the raids officials from the amateur darts league here in Pattaya have taken the issue to Pattaya City Hall and to the Thailand Darts association in hopes of clearing up the matter.

Many people commented online outraged by the authorities decision to take away one of Pattaya most popular pastimes.

Source : Thai Visa

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