walking street raid

Walking Street was once again in the target for Pattaya’s police as they raided a premises in the search for drugs, underage drinking and topless girls.

Pattaya’s Head of Police Apichai Kroppetch was accompanied by Banglamung’s District Chief Naris Niramaiwong when the raid occurred on Sunday 12th of March, following complaints with regards to underage drinking at the Dance 2 venue.

walking street raid
Dance 2 was raided at 04.00 in the morning .

As a result of the raids, six charges were brought against Dance 2 with the club’s manager, Niwat Saengsaikaew being arrested at the scene.
Additionally, 18 customers were found to be underage and a number failed urine tests as the police searched for evidence of drug taking. It is thought that there were 150 people in the premises at the time of the raid.

walking street raid
Several Underaged Drinkers Were Caught Having Alcoholics Drinks

As panic set in amongst the club goers, the police discovered eight bags of Ketamine disposed of under tables. The police gathered further evidence in the form of shisha pipes.

Dance 2 will now face prosecution for serving underage drinkers, permitting the use of drugs, serving alcohol out with authorised hours and failing to produce the necessary alcohol and operating licences.

Pattaya’s police seem determined to stamp out illegal activity in Pattaya’s most famous street.

Visitors to Pattaya should be aware that the legal age for consuming alcohol in Thailand is 20 years of age.

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