Rainy seasons brings havoc to Pattaya yet again!

Pattaya’s patent problem returns with the return of the rainy season.

Pattaya’s relief season- Songkran is over and the Pattaya road are flooded with 40-60 centimeters of storm overflow that has immobilized traffic.

Sukhumvit Road near the Highway Department was under meter deep water on April 27 due to repeated tropical storms. The Beach and Third roads are witnessing similar conditions.

Rainy seasons brings havoc to Pattaya yet again!

Pattaya authorities set up pumps in seven locations to drain off water, easing the traffic.

The previously city hall’s promise to provide relief cannot be put into effect due to repeated water hit damage.

Source : Pattayamail

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  1. If the authorities cut channels through the walkway to the beach and cover with metal grates for pedestrians the water would have somewhere to go. Thats a quick solution than cutting up the road to place large drainage pits
    The whole road is poorly drained, open up the beach pathways and let it run to the beach.


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