Randy Couple Flee Thailand So Cops Focus On Video Poster

A couple who were filmed bonking on a Pattaya beach during the day time, are believed to have left Thailand.

The tourist police and Pattaya Station Chief Pol Col Apichai Krobpetch have announced the couple, who are known to be Russians, have returned home. However, the flirtatious couple will be blacklisted and prosecuted, should they return to Thailand in the future.

In a new twist, the police are now hunting for the poster of the video.

The pair were filmed having sex on a drainage pipe. They showed no regard for other tourists who were looking on at the time. Many believe this to be damaging to Pattaya’s image, saying it did not help the so called “clean up” campaign the authorities embarked on following the “Sin City” newspaper article that appeared in the British press, not so long ago.

Randy Couple Flee Thailand So Cops Focus On Video Poster

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Police traced the pair to a hotel in Thappraya but by the time they arrived, they had checked out. The woman flew out of U-Tapao and the randy gent departed from Suvarnabhumi Airport, a couple of days later. The initial incident occurred on March 11th.

So with the sex mad tourists having fled the country, the police have now turned their attention to the person who posted the video. They know their identity and expect the culprit to make an appearance at the police station or a warrant will be sought from the court.

The authorities also warned others that if they see such activities, you should contact the police. Taking a video and posting it, could lead to prosecution, so be aware folks.

Source : Sanook

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