A busy street right in the centre of Pattaya known to locals and expats ask Soi Bumpy due to the uneven road surface has become the centre of attention after local residents on Soi Chalermprakiat 25, its official name called out members of city hall to give the long-neglected road some attention and repave the street after a video surfaced online making fun of the uneven tarmac.

The road which links Soi Buakhao a popular road for tourists and expats with Third Road and is becoming increasingly popular with holiday makers due to the abundance of bars and restaurants that have opened up along the bumpy Soi.

Local resident Thanapat Wasaprasertsuk, 53, said she has lived on the Soi for 12 years and it has gradually got bumpier and bumpier to the point that motorbikes are now having accidents especially when it rains when water hides the depths of some of the potholes.

 Residents of Soi Chalermprakiat 25 (Soi Bumpy) as for help from City Hall

Locals sent a petition to City Hall to have the street resurfaced but were rebuffed being told that the street was privately owned so it’s not the city’s responsibility.

Thanapat said that the city used to carry out maintenance of the road yearly so she thinks the city should resurface the road.

Perhaps a little media attention might make officials change their minds on the whole resurfacing matter.

Have you driven down Soi Bumpy lately?

Source : Pattaya Mail

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