Rip All Drainage Pipes Out And Start Again Says Governor

Flooding issues in Pattaya will never cease unless a substantial amount of money is spent and every drainage pipe in the city is ripped out and replaced according to Chonburi Governor.

He also conceded that a great deal of planning would be required to put an end to the city’s horrendous flooding problems.

Rip All Drainage Pipes Out And Start Again Says Governor
Chonburi Gov. Pakarathorn Thienchai

Local authorities have requested 810 million baht from the government to modernise and improve the city’s draining system, which at present is ineffective during heavy rains.

The governor said that funds were required to rip out every pipe and replace them with much larger ones, permitting the drainage system to carry away greater amounts of water.

Rip All Drainage Pipes Out And Start Again Says Governor

Of course such a project would bring considerable disruption to the city, especially to traffic and business owners but there is no doubt that something has to be done to improve the current futile system.

It was mentioned at a recent meeting of officials that Pattaya had simply outgrown its current system of drainage and that it in fact only covered around 75% of the city. It was also stated that the average pipe’s diameter was a mere 40 centimetres, which is clearly inadequate.

He added that with the city being mainly flat, clogged drains or pipes that are not fit for purpose and the ever expanding city, is a recipe for disaster.

The current system sends water to five canals, which are reinforced with pumps in various areas of the city. A large lake at Huay Yai, also acts as a catchment basin.

However it is evident that a plan for a permanent fix that will offer respite from flooding across the city is very much required.

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