A number of roads will be closed across Pattaya on October 26, as well as 25 parking lots made available for mourners in an effort to facilitate ceremony of the late kings cremation at the Chaimongkol Temple.

Roads will be closed from 9am so mourners can pay their final respects and lay tributes at the scale replica of the Bangkok funeral pyre.

South road from Sukhumvit to the city’s Communications Centre will have the outbound road closed off and parking will be strictly forbidden anywhere along the road, From the Communications Centre to the temple both lanes of the road will be closed.

Soi Buakhao from South Road to the Grand Hall Market will allow one-way inbound traffic only.

The only vehicles that will be permitted on closed roads will be baht buses that have been specially contracted by the city to act as shuttle buses between parking locations.

Locations for special parking for the ceremony can be found online.

Source  : Pattaya Mail

Content : LovePattayaThailand



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