It was reported that a husband and wife shoplifting team was arrested in Pattaya after getting caught red handed stealing from a cosmetics store.

Police were called to Soi Pattaya Park yesterday (November 23) after store employee Kanokphat Yamyaem, 33, became suspicious about the couples behaviour and after checking CCTV realised what they were up to.

Footage shows Grigoriy Pavlov, 57, and his wife Raya Pavlov, 57, looking around the store at various items before Grigoriy hurriedly stuffs nearly 2,000 baht’s worth of creams and lotions into his bag.

The pair then attempt to leave with their stolen cargo but were stopped before they could get away and the police were called.

It appears Grigoriy was none too happy with being hauled off to the station seen in pictures there defiantly giving police officers the middle finger, probably not the smartest approach to take after being arrested.

It was reported that the cosmetics shop was Russian owned in an area of Pattaya popular with Russian tourists.

Many commented online heavily condemning the pairs behaviour with some asking the question “are these quality tourists?”

Source: TNews

Content: LovePattayaThailand


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