Thai police on Saturday announced that the motorbike theft has been arrested and is under police custody now.

On 10th June, Vladimir Zhulabrev, a 26-year-old Russian along with his 25-year-old Thai wife Parichart Ninnon stole a motorbike parked right outside a condominium in the Nong Prue area.

The incident recorded on CCTV helped the Thai police in their investigation and led them to the couple. The motorbike belongs to Gabor Tamas Pethoe, a 71-year-old Hungarian doctor.


On further investigation, Zhulabrev was found illegally staying in Thailand on an expired tourist visa and also tested positive for illegal drug intake. He confessed his crime and stated that he had stolen the motorbike to buy himself drugs.

The Thai police have charged Zhulabrev for overstaying his visa and for theft while his wife for theft.

Until further proceedings, the couple will remain in the police custody.

Source : komchadluekPattaya Eastern News

Content : LovePattayaThailand



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