Even though Thailand’s new bike-sharing initiative in Phuket has been met with high levels of positive the project is suffering one major setback, some users are taking the bikes home believing there “freebies” from the government.

Over 100 users seem to be treating the bikes as a personal belonging taking them home with reports that some even used pickup trucks or tuk tuks to take them back to their residences, one man was even pictured carrying a share bike on the back of a motorbike.

Noppadon Tujinda the General Manager of Ofo Thailand the company behind the share-bike scheme said that people might be taking the bikes home either as a result of a misunderstanding or selfishness.

The bikes are free to use throughout October but once November arrives a daily rental fee will be charged to use the bikes.

There have been reports that bikes have turned up as far as 40 kilometres away from their intended area of use as well as 6 bikes found dumped in a canal.

Police are currently investigating using CCTV to try and find out who was responsible for dumping the bikes in the canal.

Noppadon spoke to reporters in an attempt to make it clear to users that the bikes are not for individuals to keep and are intended for point-to-point transportation.

He said individuals who are caught taking the bikes home could be prosecuted for theft and many comments online have condemned those who already have for damaging Phuket’s reputation.

Source :  Phuket Gazette

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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