‘Asia’s Sin city’ or ‘Pleasure city by the sea’ are some of the names that we refer Pattaya, Bangkok with. But looking back sometimes might boggle you with the nature and variations of ‘sins’ that is committed here quite regularly.

Pattaya, Bangkok receives most number of tourists in a year in the world. Tourism is the prim e industry over there but tourism or tourists are to some extent are responsible for the frequent rate of violations of laws and norms.

Pattaya’s lures of luxury and exotic experiences often fires up tourists to go beyond the limitations of decency, health and legalities. Olver Meyer, a Swiss native practicing medicine in Thailand shared his account of experiences stating “some tourists seem to hand in their brains once they have arrived at the airport.” Meyer has dealt with various cases of sunstroke, cardiac problems, diarrhea, injuries from accidents and sexually-transmitted diseases among tourists. As he explained, often tourists tend to indulge into activities beyond their capabilities and safety concerns. Heavy drinking, drug use or usage of stimulant and unsafe sex are quite common in tourists often leading them to health hazards and legal problems.

Sin city

Pattaya has a strict law against narcotics but tourists abusing drugs in pubs or moonlight parties are a frequent practice too. Though the legal implications if found using drugs or possessing them are quite severe, the practice seems hard to flush away.

Thailand has one of the highest rates of road accidents in the world. There are several services offering Motorbikes on rent for anyone with a license. These services are mostly availed by tourists who are not very accustomed with Thai Traffic practices and often meet sad accidents on road. Koh Samui Island is particularly infamous for road accidents. Like last year, two German teens riding motor scooter died in a tragic accident with an All Terrain Vehicle.

Violation of laws are not the only concern, a lot of unruly tourists tend to disrespect and violate several Thai norms. For example tampering the King’s photos or misbehaving with locals is very frequent. Though if found the repercussions are intense by the law but still it doesn’t refrain most of the rowdies.

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