Yesterday was Father’s Day here in Thailand and it seems one family didn’t have a very pleasant family gathering as a 23-year- old man from Chonburi has been arrested for killing his own father during a family meal.

According to Thawatchai Meekaew he killed his father, Thongjom, 57, after he became enraged that his father told him he should drink less alcohol.

Officers said that Thongjom had requested that his five children come to his house in the Bo Thong district for a Father’s Day lunch, at which point everyone started drinking.

It was reported that Thongjom reprimanded Thawatchai over his drinking fearing that his son might lose his job as a result.

Not happy with what his father had to say Thawatchai kicked his father in the neck causing him to fall to the floor, his elderly brother attempted to intervene but Thawatchai continued to attack Thongjom.

Family members rushed Thongjom to hospital following the attack but he was later pronounced dead by doctors.

Thongjom said he felt guilty about what he had done and handed himself over to the police and officers have since charged him with malicious killing which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison here in Thailand.

Source: Coconuts

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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