Police were called to a bizarre situation in South Pattaya last night after a somewhat disgruntled man from South Korea claimed he had been “conned” by a Thai bar girl and threatened to start harming himself if officers got to close.

The man later identified as Jae Hoo Kim, 54, was taken into custody after officers called for backup but not before the man made several attempts at harming himself.

Officers had been called to an incident early last night near the Esso petrol Station in South Pattaya.

 South Korean man threatens to self-harm to avoid arrest in Pattaya

When officers arrived they found Kim having a heated argument with a Thai woman but fled when officers approached, pursuing and cornering the man he produced a fruit paring knife and told officers he would cut his head and throat if they came closer.

It was reported that the man was shouting “I have been conned by a bar girl, I don’t like Thai girls.”

 South Korean man threatens to self-harm to avoid arrest in Pattaya

The officers wanting to take no risks called for back-up as well as medical personnel and a Korean translator before eventually taking the man into custody, even with the precautions the man still managed to harm himself several times.

Medics treated the disgruntled man at the scene before he was taken to Pattaya hospital and later charged with drunkenness.

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