South Pattaya is in for a pleasant shock!

If you live in South Pattaya it’s not uncommon for there to be a power cut. There are various reasons for this including rain, storms bringing down power cables, a worker electrocuting himself to the main problem, system failure due to excessive power demand.

Pattaya’s Provisional Electricity Authority is set to more than quadruple the capacity of the electrical supply in South Pattaya! Wow, isn’t that a little excessive? Apparently not. This is being down not just to cure today’s problems, but to meet future power needs of a rapidly growing city. Just take a moment to think about all the new condos when they are finished with hundreds of rooms with aircon running and you soon realise demand for power is set to rise in the city quite drastically over the next few years.The PEA will be replacing 1.5 kilometres of power poles along the Sukhumvit Road between

South Pattaya Road and the Shell petrol station. The 12 meter tall poles will be replaced with 22 meter tall towers.

The Operations Chief of PEA, Mr. Sorat Kositkul, said that replacing the poles with the towers is the first step towards upgrading Pattaya’s power distribution station. Today the station has an output capacity of 22,000 volts and when upgraded this will increase to 115,000 Volts. This is an increase of 422 %. The towers are required as the power cables will be much bigger and heavier than those currently used and the additional height is for safety purposes. High voltages can be very dangerous to work with and need to be as far away from the people on the street as is practical.

The main downside to this upgrading process is that the PEA will need turn off all power to South Pattaya for a day when they make the switch over. The date for this has not been set as of yet. There is one other potential major issue that could cause a headache for locals. There are many service cables including phone lines and Internet cables that are twisted around and hanging from the power supply poles.

What will happen to these when the PEA take the poles down?


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