'Spartan Race' coming to Pattaya Thailand

For those of you that are fanatical about fitness you’re sure to already know all about the Spartan Races but for those of you who don’t here’s the deal, it’s a gruelling 5k obstacle course designed to push you to the limits with penalties such as 30 burpees for failing to complete an obstacle.

The Spartan Races began in 2007 and was founded Joe De Sena as a form of training and has since become a global phenomenon and will be making its first appearance in Thailand on September 9.
Racers will be made to crawl through mud, over a variety of obstacles, jump over fire and plunge into water along the 5 kilometre course hosted by the Siam Country Club.

At this point some might be thinking why submit to this kind of punishment well other than the sense of immense satisfaction one must surely feel for completing such a feet there is also cash prizes on offer.

There is 25,000 baht for first prize, 15000 baht for second place and 5,000 baht for third.

The cash prizes are only available for the elite men’s and woman’s races with entry fees set at 2,500 baht and 2,250 baht, entry for the non-prize races is slightly cheaper if you just fancy taking on the course for fun, registration can me made online for all of the races.

For those that do register there will be workout training days held by the event’s organiser prior to the race.

Will you be registering?

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