Student Charged for Posting Pattaya Pool Sex Clip

PATTAYA: Police on Tuesday charged a 23-year-old student with posting on social media a sexually provocative video clip from a pool party at a local seaside hotel, and were looking for the videoed couple.

Pol Col Apichai Krobphet, chief of the Pattaya police station, said Tatchakrit Wonglaemthong was charged under the Computer Crimes Act with uploading obscene pictues into a computer system and was liable to a maximum jail term of five years and/or fine of 100,000 baht if convicted.

Police were looking for a British man aged 33 and a Thai woman. They would be charged with obscene behaviour in a public place.

‘Sex Orgy’ Party Yet Again in Pattaya

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Police spared the management of the hotel and the Australian organiser of the pool party because they had no intention of any sexual activity occurring and permission had been sought for the party. The case resulted from the personal behaviour of two individuals.

At the police station, Mr Thatchakrit apologised for posting a video clip that tarnished the image of Pattaya and the woman involved. He was sorry the clip had a negative impact on himself and his family.

He said he travelled from Bangkok with three friends to attend the party. Each guest was charged 1,100 baht entry.

Student Charged for Posting Pattaya Pool Sex Clip

He took photos and broadcast the party atmosphere live via Facebook. When he saw the foreign man and the Thai woman acting as if they were having sex, he videoed them and later posted the 53-second clip on Facebook.

About two hours later he was shocked to learn how many people had shared the post. He deleted it, but other people had already downloaded it.

The pool party was organised at A-One The Royal Cruise Hotel on Saturday.

Organiser Coran Malony earlier told Pattaya police that his company had organised such parties seven times at seaside hotels with pools. Saturday’s party was the second in Pattaya.

Source : BangkokPost


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