A serial rapist, regarded as highly dangerous by Swedish police has been arrested.

Peter Vadstensvik, 38, AKA Peter-Frederik Poulsen is wanted in connection with four rapes that occurred in May in Sweden. Having served time in prison for rape on two previous occasions, he was considered high risk by Swedish authorities.

Vadstensvik fled to Thailand and took up residence in Pattaya but his unique facial tattoo and his own stupidity lead police to his location, for he had been posting images and videos of himself on Instagram at Wongamat Beach.

However, the rapist is now in custody although it was not revealed where he was arrested or if police received information from the public after Love Pattaya and a number of other news services carried “wanted” stories over the last couple of days.

Citizens of Pattaya can relax now that the beast is in custody.

Sorce : Thaivisa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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