TAT Claim Pattaya Is Enjoying A Tourist Boom During Low Season

According to the tourist authorities, Koh Larn is enjoying an increase in Chinese and Russian tourists presently, which they believe is down to their crackdown on dodgy “zero dollar” tours.

TAT go on to say that the island is enjoying visitors in their droves during what is normally a quiet time of the year, with it being low season and raining rather a lot.

TAT Claim Pattaya Is Enjoying A Tourist Boom During Low Season

Suladda Sarutilawan of Pattaya TAT said “we are seeing a rise in quality tourist from china, who are spending lots of money and boosting the local economy.”

She continued to say that Russian visitors are arriving in great numbers, like they used to do many years ago.

She also credited the rebranding of Pattaya as a hub for Sports Tourism as a major reason for the increase in visitors. Events like the triathlon last weekend and the marathon, which is scheduled for July have increased visitors.

Ten thousand people are expected to be in town for the marathon on July 16th, with around 400 being of “quality Chinese” visitors, although it is unclear what the term “quality” refers to.

TAT Claim Pattaya Is Enjoying A Tourist Boom During Low Season

However, those of us that live in Pattaya are well aware that the bars, restaurants and clubs are empty due to low season being upon us, so where are these visitors spending their money?

Have you seen an increase in business, especially with Russians or quality Chinese tourists? Let us know please.

Everyone wants to see a prosperous Pattaya, a vibrant city packed with tourist spending their hard earned cash but in low season, that is not happening for the majority of the cities many business’s.

Tell us what can be done to boost tourism?

Source : Thaivisa

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  1. I was staying there a couple of weeks ago and mainly Indian Tourists arrived in the morning left as much rubbish on the beach as possible and left in the afternoon.

  2. Hotels as well as feels pretty influence chinese money..
    May say No ?

    What about….another tourists ?
    Too much drinks ? Congratulations. But not more then China.
    No one sport corts on the beach, except Djomtien beach volleyball. No one beach football or mini-football cort no have also…What we have to do there ?
    And dirty sea)))) Could have compare… with Turkish for instance…


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