Police authorities were called to an incident where a woman was verbally abused because taxi drivers mistake her for being a Uber Taxi, around twenty taxis blocked the road stopping her from moving.

The thirty one year old woman was actually a condo agent picking up her clients outside a shopping mall.

The condo agent was terrified and didn’t leave her car until police authorities arrived to take action, she did not in the end press charges against them luckily for the taxi drivers who decided to take authority themselves.

You can use a Uber driver by downloading the app, the app has your exact location which can be shared with the nearest Uber driver. Cash is not required as the payment transaction is completed by debit card which you would have set up on the app. They then take you to your required destination, payment is automatically taken from your account, no tips are required to be given.

This service can be used in most major cities around the world.

Source : sweet3mango.com

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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