Taxi Wars

Taxi wars on the streets of Pattaya as local drivers warn their Bangkok equivalents to stay clear from the city amidst claims they were ripping off customers.

Apparently, Pattaya taxis have their own price structure to protect the public from overcharging!

There are many fine taxi drivers in Pattaya who genuinely care about their reputation but alas there is always one who will overcharge customers and ruin the good name of others.

Love Pattaya suggests that you ALWAYS ask for the price before entering the taxi or better still use the “Grab Taxi” app, which shows the price when you book it, along with the location of your driver, make and model of vehicle and registration number.

Avoid the hassle of rogue drivers, who are in the minority.

A video was posted last week featuring a cabbie from the capital being assaulted in Soi 5 in Pattaya, following an altercation with Pattaya drivers.


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