Thai arrested for falsifying robbery complaint to deceive partner

Pattaya police arrested a Thai man on Monday after he attempted to falsify a robbery report in an effort to deceive his gay foreign partner into sending him money

The Pattaya police chief confirmed that Noppakao Tor-on, 27, had been arrested once they had confirmed that the complaint he filed was in fact false.

Noppakao filed a report with Pattaya police on August 17, stating that his bag containing 20,000 baht and bank cards had been snatched down a Soi near the Tuek Com shopping centre in the heart of the city.

Officers quickly conducted an investigation over fears such an incident might damage the city’s reputation however they soon determined that there was never any theft and the report was false.

Officers questioned the man over the incident and he confessed to making up the whole thing to get a complaint receipt from the police in order to ask his partner for money so he could pay off debts.

Source : Thenation

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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