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It was reported that a man fell to his death from the fourth floor of a condominium complex in Chon Buri in the early hours of Monday morning.

Police have stated that the tragedy occurred after the man visited his ex-girlfriend who declined to resume their relationship.

Somphop Loppairin, 33, died after falling from a window in the buildings fire exit on the fourth floor at 2:30am.

Thai man "falls" to his death in Chon Buri after rejection from Ex

The security officer on duty at the condo Suriyan Ratanasomboon told officers that the deceased arrived at the complex in a pickup truck at 2am saying that his girlfriend who lives on the fourth floor asked him to visit.

He said that he let the man enter then about 30 minutes later he heard a loud noise, after investigating he found Somphop on the ground.

It was reported that somphop’s ex-girlfriend became noticeably distressed when the security guard informed her of what had happened.

Thai man "falls" to his death in Chon Buri after rejection from Ex

She told officers that the pair had broken up after often arguing as a result of Somphop’s jealousy.

Apparently Somphop visited her at 2am and asked her to go drinking with him and a friend but she refused.

Police are currently continuing their investigation.

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